Assembly Instructions


  • Insert sprinkler head into sprinkler base with a twisting motion, taking care not to roll the two O-rings out of their grooves.  Rotate/spin top portion of sprinkler head to check for free movement.  If sprinkler head doesn’t rotate easily, one or both of the O-ring(s) rolled out of their groove(s).  Take apart and start over.



  • Tighten hold down clamp leaving a small gap between clamp and sprinkler head.  Do not over tighten hold down clamp otherwise stud or nut can be damaged.

  • Rotate sprinkler head to check for free movement.  If binding occurs, readjust hold down clamp.  If sprinkler is still binding, hold down clap is not straight or is too tight.  Once movement is free, start watering.



Step sprinkler base spikes fully into the ground to ensure stability.  The horizontal part of the stake should be flush with the ground.  Caution: spikes are sharp.  No children should step sprinkler into ground.

If your sprinkler is powder coated, please be careful not to bang or hit any objects because powder coat can scratch and/or chip.  Our sprinklers are made out of stainless steel (except eyes are steel) so rusting will not be an issue if scratched and/or chipped.



Drain sprinkler completely before cold weather storage.  It is better to store in your garage or inside if powder coated because UV rays will diminish the finish over time.



Can clean with mild soap but plain water works also.




Download a .pdf version of these Assembly Instructions



Download a .doc version of these Assembly Instructions